Are you ready to bring your organisation to the next level? I facilitate workshops and provide advice in corporate strategy development. My toolbox is full of methods and my core competency is to combine classical tools such as SWOT with strengths-based methods based on Positive Psychology such as Appreciative Inquiry (read more about AI in my blog). I support companies in transformation processes and as well as any other Business Development Projects. My services include the following:

  • Corporate Strategy Development

  • Leadership Workshops (on topics such as motivation, employee engagement, burnout)

  • Customised leadership and team building workshops

  • Change Management

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Human capital is part of the most important Investment of an organisation. This is particularly true with in the services industry, where employees are part of the product and therefore have a significant impact on customer experience. 


Competent leaders are able to achieve high emotionales commitment in their team based on intrinsic motivation, meaning, autonomy and appreciation. A high Level of employee engagement has been proven to lead to:

  • a higher level of service quality, and therefore to

  • a higher level of customer satisfaction, and therefore to

  • a higher turnover, and therefore (hopefully) to

  • higher profit

Where would your organisation be if every employee was able and motivated to give their best?

Leadership workshops:

"Employee Engagement: possibilities and limits of a leader" (3h)

All services are customised to meet the needs of your organisation.


Positive Psychology is a relatively new field of research within psychology. It's dedicated to reseraching and cultivating what makes life worth living. It focusses specifically on the properties and conditions wich are related to wellbeing and life satisfaction in an attempt to better understand the characteristics which contribute to a good life. With this goal, Positive Psychology enables people to get to know their strengths and talents in more detail and understand how to apply them in everyday life. 

Positive Leadership represents a leadership style based on strengths and appreciation. Successful leadership is often  used synonym with exercising influence und autority. However, studies show that the most successful companies employ an organisational culture are not the ones with a "carrot and stick" approach but the ones based on appreciation and support. 


Staff who can use their strengths at work are more likely to be  intrinsically motivated. They experience a higher level of satisfaction and produce better results. The true potential of any company therefore lies in an appreciative and positive leadership style.

As management guru Peter Drucker put it: "The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths so strong that it makes the system's weaknesses irrelevant".


This is why I am convinced that working with your strengths and the strengths of your team will provide you with a core competency which your competitors will not be able to copy!

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