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Do you often feel stressed out by things in your life? Are you constantly running around, doing stuff, time is flying but you are not getting anywhere? Do you feel like you are missing something fundamental? Have you lost focus on what really matters in your life?

Do you find yourself saying yes when your heart is saying no? Are you finding yourself in a swirl of commitments and to do lists and are afraid of drowning?

There are many reasons why we feel we have lost focus in life. THey may have to do with our values, our personality traits or behavioural patterns. Coaching is a great way to look at your situation from different angles and find solutions which have been hidden. I work with different methods to help you change perspective and make new decisions for your life. 

Quite often it only takes a few hours of coaching to shed some light and find clarity with topics you have been carrying around fwith you for months or even years.  At the beginning of every coaching session we define a clear goal and I will make sure we work on what matters the most to you. This way you make progress in every coaching session.

I offer a free discovery call to discuss your situation, answer your questions and find out whether we are a good match to work together. Trust is the key for a successful coaching.


Each individual has different aspirations and faces different challenges. I provide an oasis to pause, reflect, and tune in to your own greatness, and taking your next big leap forward. My topics include the following:

  • Life Coaching​ 

  • Improving happiness and wellbeing

  • Decision making in complex situations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Coping with difficult situations (mobbing, burnout, divorce etc.)

  • Personal Development

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Build resilience

  • Improve communication


"Happiness - 3 steps for increased life quality" (3h)





Markus Kaufmann

The Coaching has touched my soul and I am deeply moved by what I have experienced. The valuable insight I gained continues to have a positive impact on me. And the initial spark during the coaching still lights the process which has been activated. What a gift! Thank you so much! 

Katja Krobath

Thanks to the valuable coaching with Birgit I have experienced personal growth and made great rogress on my path. Thank you so much for your  personal yet very professional support!

Jan Bütikofer

The coaching with Birgit Ohlin has fetched me from the lethargy of a very difficiult life situation and has  helped me tore focus on my goals in life

Evelyn Kurth

During the initial coaching session Birgit asked specific questions so I was able to set clear goals for the coaching. What is more, I've already been able to take some everyday practical tools with me. Thank you so much Birgit for the personal and motivating meeting. I am very much looking forward to working with you!

David Ufoili

It has really been awesome learning  through Birgit coaching. My philosophy to life is been re-shaped and the better person of me is gradually manifesting. I must confess sincerely, she is wonderful. I may not have enough words to describe your coaching but I will say, everyone needs to learn from you.

Stefanie Kebila

Birgit Ohlin's contribution to our eLearning tool was of significant value for both the analysis of requirements as for methods of anchoring the new processes with staff.  Aside from her professional and efficient manner were highly valued her great encouragement and suggestions as well as her empathy with the differente interviewees. We would like to thank her for her support and wholeheartetly recommend her."

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