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Awareness. Excitement. Growth.

Starve your distractions - feed focus!


Where attention goes, energy flows. Your focus determines your reality because what you focus on, grows. It is your choice which thought gets your attention. What do you need to focus on today to be happier a year from now? 

I encourage you to work with your strengths, it has proven more successful and it is so much more fun! And this is where you will experience true happiness and well-being. Get in touch, let me support you on this journey.


Life Coaching​ 

  • Improving wellbeing and happiness

  • Decision making in complex situations

  • Conflict resolution


Leadership Coaching​ 

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Coaching 

  • Employee Engagement and Motivation

  • Positive Leadership

  • Job Crafting

  • Personal Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Increase resilience

  • Improve personal communication

  • Increase personal well-being and happiness


Let us talk about how I can support you! I offer coachings in German and English and while I am based in Zurich coachings can be held on Skype or phone as well. I offer a complementary coaching (30 minutes) to discuss what you would like to achieve. This way you get to know me and find out how I work. Trust is an important basis for a successful coaching. 

Life coachings for private clients:

CHF 160/60 minutes
CHF 210/90 minutes

Coachings can be paid on credit card, bank transfer or Twint.

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